When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter?


adjective: relating to or denoting the writing of letters or literary works in the form of letters.

Sounds fancy right? It’s a big and unusual word but a common writing style. Many books are written in the form of characters writing letters to each other or a story is told through diary entries. Epistolary novels are fun to read because the lack of a narrator and you can feel a little mischievous reading someone else’s diary.  Are your texting thumbs soar? We got the cure!  Sit down, relax, read an epistolary novel and write someone a letter.


Below is a list of the best contemporary epistolary novels:

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty

The “Internet Girls” trilogy by Lauren Myracl

  • Book is the series: TTYLTTFN, L8TER, G8TER

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