Allen Sapp Gallery

Did you know that the Allen Sapp Gallery was the original North Battleford Library? Built in 1916 the building housed the library until it moved into its current location.



Footsteps by the window!

If you look out the window in the teen section you will see footsteps near the window. This is a bit odd since there isn’t a door anywhere close! Just maybe someone is peeking in to see inside the library and book displays! 🙂 And then there is that yellow grocery bag. Please don’t leave garbage around!

foot steps

Library Quest

It’s time for a Library Adventure!

Simply take one of the quest slips from the chest and complete it. Quests will all be things that you can quickly and easily complete in the library. You’ll earn one entry into our special Library Quest draw with every slip you return to the front desk!

Library Quest runs from February 2nd to 27th. For teens aged 12 to 18.