New YA books!

New teen books (more than just this display!). The teen displays are facing the TV. Which ones are you looking forward to reading? Which ones have you already read?


Hello! Check us out!

Here is a book display that has been here for a few days which I have not posted about. Books have not been checked up from this display yet! 😦 I wonder why and hope that they are soon!  I’m thinking of moving these books to a different shelf and see what happens. What do you think of these books?

Hello check us out


Most mornings before the library opens I check to see how my displays are doing. That is, if books have been taken from teen displays. And most mornings I’m happy to say that books have been taken out!

This is the teen display that is facing the computers.


Also, in the teen section books have been put on display on top shelf. This is temporary to see whether books are taken out and whether patrons like or dislike the placement. The books are high but there is a step stool. What do you think?

Below is an example of the books that are on the top shelf.

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