National Library Worker’s Day… in the US!

Today is National Library Worker’s Day! Today recognizes the hard work, dedication, and expertise of library support staff and librarians, at least in the US. The Canadian one is in October. Do you agree that the day should be the same in both Canada, the US and the whole world? Isn’t it wonderful that this day exists? I love all such days and weeks such as for instance National Nurses Week or National Teacher Day. All these careers are so important to communities.

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On Wednesday at noon I’m going a high school to promote the Teen Scrapbooking program! Fingers crosses that teens see the display and chat with me about the program! It’s happening on the 16th so soon!

Interesting library facts!

I’ve been searching around the Internet to put interesting library facts in this blog.

Did you know that according to the American Library Association, 58% of adults in the United States have a library card or that the largest overdue fine for a library book was $345.14? This is why it’s so important to keep track of when a book is due or be careful to not lose library materials. (Source).

Another interesting fact is that Georgian Era British librarians hated the novel and wanted to ban it from the proto-Modern public library! I wonder why that was and will probably do more research to find out. (Source).

Thirdly, Superman’s biological mother was librarian and archivist! (Source)! See more librarians in comic books here.

What other library facts do you know? Please share them in the comments!

Teen focus group!

On May the 1st from 4:30pm to 6:30pm we will be running a teen focus group at the library in the Board Room. We will be discussing programs and brainstorming with teens as to what teens want from the library. The aim of the focus group is to get feedback on teen resources and services and to find out, through discussion, what it is that teens want and need from the library. As always, we’ll have snacks!




Most mornings before the library opens I check to see how my displays are doing. That is, if books have been taken from teen displays. And most mornings I’m happy to say that books have been taken out!

This is the teen display that is facing the computers.


Also, in the teen section books have been put on display on top shelf. This is temporary to see whether books are taken out and whether patrons like or dislike the placement. The books are high but there is a step stool. What do you think?

Below is an example of the books that are on the top shelf.

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