So You’d Like to Start Reading X-Men Comics…

The latest movie in the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past, will be released this Friday!  If you’re like me, superhero movies are inspiration to delve further into  the comics to seek out character backstories and classic story lines. But sometimes it’s not as simple as just picking up the latest issuefrom the library or comic book store, especially in the case of the X-Men.  Marvel’s X-Men is a notoriously complicated universe to delve in to without a little guidance. There are a number of different timelines; a multitude of story arcs that may or may not connect with each other; and, like, a bajillion characters that at one time have belonged to the X-Men.  Buzzfeed has even created a list ranking 95 members of the X-Men (I don’t necessarily agree with their ranking, but you get the point; if a Marvel character has mutant powers, chances are they have been or will be a member of the X-men).

With this in mind, here is a list of X-Men titles to get you started on your mutant-filled comic odyssey.  Of course, these can all be requested from the library!

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Graphic Novels @ the Library: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

New to the library! Read the comic before you see the movie this summer! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers will introduce (or re-introduce) you to an eccentric, eclectic team of heroes that protect the galaxy.


Blurb-ery awaits you! “There’s a new rule in the galaxy: No one touches Earth! But why has Earth suddenly become the most important planet in the galaxy? That’s what the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to find out! Join Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and — wait for it — the Invincible Iron Man as they embark upon one of the most explosive and eye-opening chapters of Marvel NOW! The secrets these galactic Avengers discover will rattle Marvel readers for years to come! But while London deals with a brutal invasion by the Badoon, the fate of the Guardians may have already been decided millions of miles away! Why wait for the movie? It all starts here!”

Graphic Novel Thursday! Wolverine Season One

Welcome to another new feature on the blog: Graphic Novel Thursday. Every Thursday we’ll showcase a graphic novel from our collection. We’ll try and include both new and classic books as we go. First up: Wolverine, Season One written by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker and illustrated by Salva Espin and Cam Smith.


Here’s the book description: “Discovered as a feral mutant prowling the wilds! Recruited as a covert operative by a secretive government agency! Destined to pursue a dream of peaceful coexistence between man and mutant! Witness the birth of the Wolverine as the man called Logan makes his journey from animalistic wildling to beloved X-Man. Including Logan’s first blockbuster battle with the Hulk, as well as pivotal appearances by Sabretooth and Wendigo, this blood-splattered tale features a contemporary retelling of the Clawed Canuck’s formative years!”

Avengers Vs. X-Men: Comic Book and Graphic Novel Club

This month’s selection for our Comic Book and Graphic Novel Club for teens is Avengers Vs. X-Men (aka AvX). Copies are available to pick up here at the library.  We’ll meet Saturday January 25th to talk all things comics and superheroes. Snacks will be provided. Hope to see you there!