The Fault in Our Stars trailer

It’s here!!! The official trailer for the movie adaptation of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars was released today.

What do you think? Are you excited to see the movie when it’s released in June?



Looking for more John Green?

If you’ve read The Fault in Our Stars or any of John Green’s novels and are looking for more, there are a number of places for you to explore.  For starters you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter; he posts to both of these pages frequently to keep fans informed and entertained.

John and his brother Hank have a popular YouTube channel, vlogbrothers.  Fans of the vlogbrothers have grown into a community called Nerdfighters. Here is a video explaining the ins and outs of being a Nerdfighter:

To learn more about the Nerdfighter community here in Saskatchewan check out their facebook group and tumblr page.

John also appears in a series of trivia-based videos for Mental Floss on YouTube. This is a personal favorite of mine: